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SG / HK Prop Trading

This page lists the major Asian countries/cities (Singapore, Hong Kong) that have a more developed prop trading industry.

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Updated: 3 Dec 16
Boomer CapitalN/A
CIMB Securitieswww.cimbinvest.com
Flow Traderswww.flowtraders.com
Futex #www.futex.co.uk
Genk Capitalwww.genkcapital.com
Hyundai Able Investments #www.hdableinv.com
Ingensoma Trading Groupwww.ingensoma.com
Integer AlphaN/A
Jump Tradingwww.jumptrading.com
Maybank Kim Engwww.maybank-ke.com.sg
Neo & Partners Global *www.neopartnersglobal.com
North Point Globalwww.northpointgl.com
Phillip Securitieswww.phillip.com.sg
Propex Derivativeswww.propex.net.au
Purvis CapitalN/A
Schneider Tradingwww.schneidertrading.com
Solitaire Asset ManagementN/A
Virtu Financialwww.virtu.com

# Futex closed. Link: Firm where ‘Flash Crash trader’ first worked fails 
# Hyundai Able Investments closed. Link: Updated Prop Trading
* Operates as a prop trading arcade

Hong Kong

Updated: 3 Dec 16
Algorithmic Trading Groupwww.algorithmictradinggroup.com
Eclipse Tradingwww.eclipseoptions.com
Jane Streetwww.janestreet.com
Volante Tradingwww.volanttrading.com
XY Capitalwww.xycapitalgroup.com


  1. Hi folks ,

    I’m in a dilemma . Im offerred a technical (IT) job at a european prop trading firm in Singapore. At the same time I have offer from an investment bank for similar role with same base pay.

    Cons of prop
    – long working hours
    – stick ur ass to the chair whole day
    – eat meals only on desks
    – uncertainty of bonus amount

    Pros of Prop
    – less work pressure
    – no corporate ,casual work environment
    – perks like free breakfast and lunch with company events once a while.

    Can any guys suggest whats the best option whether to work at buy side firm or the sell side.

    Also any ideas as to what % of bonus is norm for IT guys wprking for prop firms in singapore.

    Urgent help appreciated in advance.

    – Yemelya

  2. Ingensoma Trading Group?

  3. How about LCMS Trading? Is it a scam trading?

    1. It looks more like a trading education provider.